Happy Canada Day!

We’re 145 years old and I think we’re looking pretty darn good for our age!

This is the kick off for year 2 and I’m really excited about it. One of the best things about this year’s project is that I’ll get to do some reading! Granted it’s my own work and I’ll be re-reading it quite often so I’ll be sick of it by the time the 30th/31st rolls around but it means there will be variety and a much broader range of tasks to focus on. In that respect, I think this year is going to be easier and more interesting.

I spent the day before today with my friends and we had an absolute blast. There were probably around a dozen people but there had to have been about 20 dogs (and four 7-week old puppies!) it was spectacular. Of course the babies were the star attraction and boy, did Yesterday let me know exactly how unhappy she was with the commotion. There was one clear vote against the idea of getting another dog from her. Luckily she’s not like me- the grudge is gone and I’m in her good books again. At least I think I am.

So this month it’s editing and polishing the autobiography. I’ve been saying I’m going to send it out to publishers but I don’t know. Has my life really been that interesting? What makes it extraordinary enough for people to want to read about it? I suppose I should just focus on the editing and then take things from there. Sending it in to publishing houses is scary business. Rejection letters I can handle but what if they want it?! What kind of can of worms am I opening? We’ll deal with those worries as needed but I can’t help but think about them now.

Sitting here on a leather couch, sticking to it, I don’t know if it’s just me or if other people really don’t like hot summer days. I’m so apathetic about everything today. I think it’s the let down from this past week and the laziness heat brings out in me. Life has been zooming past, good things have been happening and I’ve bee staying busy between school plans, work plans and my social life. Now that it’s a holiday and people have plans for the day (or long weekend), I’ve discovered that I’m wafting in the barely-there breeze. Having always worked holiday weekends, what do people do?!

I can her the peanut gallery chanting “this is the best time to get started on your editing!” or something like that. And it really is. I have the manuscript printed and bound so what’s stopping me from packing a picnic and taking it and Yesterday downtown to the park to lay in the shade and read? Maybe we should go to the waterfront for a stroll as well. Regardless of what we do, this is the perfect day to take advantage of quite possibly the only phase of writing a book that won’t require a computer.

So after a nap (to be fair, I was up at 7 am to be down at the Dartmouth waterfront for an hour of swing dancing) to recharge my batteries, I’ll follow through with this unexpectedly brilliant plan. Lunch, siesta, then the park for reading a walk and a picnic. I hope your weekend is (or was!) just as lovely.