I’d Be Lying if I Said It Will be Easier This Time Around

I’m super excited about this year. There’s so much ground to cover, so many new things to learn and who knows where I’ll end up this time next year.

I have no idea what the steps are and what is required for the editing process. I’ve never really edited anything; as you can tell, my blogs are always rife with sentences containing spelling mistakes, poor grammar or some other atrocity. I’ve gotten over my aversion of reading what I’ve written but I’m lazy. I want to write down whatever is in my head then move on. This month though, I’ve got to force myself to think critically about my work and rip it to shreds as needed. There will be no prisoners.

Will I finish with 12 novels this year? I have no clue. I do know that I’ll take better care of myself this time around. If I need a break, I’ll take one. I’ll live on a schedule. I’ll graciously accept the fact that I’m not a paid author so I don’t have the luxury of writing all day. Come to think of it, I doubt many paid authors are able to do that themselves.

The road will be bumpy, the posts will probably be shorter on average than last year and great things will happen. I may not be sure of many things but of these 3 points I would bet the ranch. If I had one of course.