Camping- Jeep Style (or is it Cheap Style?)

It’s one of those summer days where it’s actually cooler outside than inside. You don’t realize this fact until you wander out somewhere and feel a delicious cool breeze drying the sweat you had formed while eating a bowl of cereal. So, after my required hour of exercise-induced sweating, I decided to finally drag my table out of the back of George the Jeep and set up my own tiny camp in the truck.

The Portable Writing Nook & the Best Tiny Muse, Yesterday!

I’ll admit, I feel a little odd, sitting in the driveway with the tailgate up and lounging in my nest. You know what, I don’t care. If I get really self-conscious, I’ll jump in the driver’s seat and Yesterday and I will take a drive somewhere to set up camp in new surroundings.

Let’s be honest though. Staying at home is the perfect blend of everything I need. The bathroom is right next door, the air is cool and fresh from the mini thunderstorm we just had and I have peace and quiet away from my roommate. Not to mention Wi-Fi access! Now that it’s stopped raining, I can finally open the windows and get some lovely cross breezes through here. I think I could live in my Cherokee pretty easily. Just don’t ask me about what I’d do for a shower- I haven’t figured that out yet.

Yesterday I took my manuscript to the park and spent over an hour reading and making notes. Besides the grammar corrections and the spelling mistakes, I don’t really know what else to look for. There are some spots that require expansion and clarification but  I can’t imagine having written something good enough that it doesn’t require massive re-writes. I must be missing some vital component of editing. Perhaps this is the point where I should be looking for a writer’s group to help educate me on the next stage of the creative process. I can’t see just yet what the finished project will look like but I can speculate. It looks okay so far.

So for now I’m going to enjoy a peaceful Monday afternoon listening to cars swishing down a wet road and raindrops plinking on the ground or on George as they drip off leaves or as it begins drizzling. This is one of my favourite soundtracks to work to; the only one better than this involves the rain and thunder.