The Creative Process + Puppies = An Exercise in Disaster

The babies are running amok. I had promised my friend I would dog sit while she visited with her friends who have brought their herd of Italian Greyhounds, including 4, 7-week old puppies. “Great!” I said. “Puppy breath and tiny baby snuggles is exactly what my soul needs right now.”

I arrived and about 45 minutes later they left so it was me and 9 adults and 4 babies. “They’re little,” I hear you say. “The adults are lazy couch potatoes and the babies have worn themselves out so it’s a piece of cake.” That is very true . For the first hour, things were beautiful. A few saucy moments but with the trouble-makers shushed and the babies safely passed out in their bed, it was lovely. Then everyone began waking up again. It was like living in a lion cage at the zoo. All the animals were lounging around, drunk on the sunshine but at a moment’s notice something could trigger their interest and chaos will ensue.

It’s impossible to get any work done or to be able to concentrate fully on what needs to be done. Heaven forbid I get sucked into the creative process and the babies wake up. There will be little poop piles and tiny pee puddles everywhere or the big dogs will start barking at something and scare the bejeezus out of me.

I was dreaming of getting another dog at some point in the near future but poor Yesterday.  She quite clearly told me that I’m not allowed to keep the puppy that tugs at my heart strings. I was in trouble Saturday night when I first met the herd and I would’ve gotten into much less trouble with her today if I had left her t home for 8 or 10 hours. Instead, she’s sulking upstairs and and I have a lot of apologizing to do tonight and tomorrow involving treats and long walks.

So, as the day dwindles and everyone is fairly settled in, I can try to get some work done. Thankfully I’m still reading and making notes. I quite enjoy having my work on paper- it’s so much more transportable. Writing on paper and pen is so underrated! I know computers are great; I’ll be the first admit that I can’t live out with my internet access. However, there’s something about going back to our roots as writers.

I love everything about writing. I adore pens and paper; I’m a collector of both (you should see my stationary drawer and not to mention my own personally designed stationary- it’s incredible!). I adore the physical connection you get by actually writing each word out. There’s something so impersonal typing on a machine. THe only thing distinguishing you from the person beside you is the pace and rhythm of your typing. When it comes down to it, how do you know it’s really me writing each blog? No one is impervious to impersonation. Handwriting though. That’s unique. Each person has a trademark blend of cursive and printing, the use of capital letters and lower case. Nothing is immune to being copied but it’s so much more difficult to forge handwriting, especially a prolonged piece. So chances are, you could be guaranteed that I was the author of that post.

This post has been hours in the making and I have to finally post it and get onto my editing. Three days into my new project and I’m slacking. I blame the babies- they’ve turned my brains to mush. I’ve been shunted onto the mommy-track and I want to be back on the childless and happy one! *Le Sigh* Puppies.