Good Morning, Sunshines

Dear WordPress Friends,

The past week has been  puppy-fest and confusing and distracting and all sorts of monkey business that has made my work ridiculously hard to accomplish. I promise, that is all about to change.

After a quick jaunt to the mosquito factory to donate blood (in I go every 52 days to give a pint to help someone else), I’m going to be a lady on a mission. I have a game plan for job hunting, for apartment hunting, for my writing and most importantly for research into this mammoth project I’ve set out for myself.

I thought this year would be fun and easy (well, easy-ish) because each month will have a unique blend of research, writing, editing, submissions, etc. As with everything in life, though, it’s only easy if you’ve done it before and sometimes not even then!

So, off I go to the blood donor clinic to sacrifice my little arm to get poked and prodded and jabbed and while I’m tethered to a very comfortable chair I will plot and scheme and get myself organized for the day. Have no fear, there will be a better post later today.