Sunday’s New Game Plan

I have decided to up the ante. I’m throwing in another book from last year to edit and re-write this month. If I wasn’t sure what I was doing, I certainly have no clue now! In fact, what am I thinking?! I’m afraid this isn’t just crazy-talk. I’m starting the new project today!

The further I get into the autobiography the more unsure I get about sending it in to publishers. I have no idea what constitutes a desirable non-fiction manuscript and there are no extraordinary events that could be used as a unique selling point. I’m an ordinary person with a slightly interesting life. That’s about it. Also, I’m an overly-open person sometimes- do I want to expose my un-sparkly side to the world? The clear option would be to take it out but they’re the cornerstones of my life. One’s made me who I am and the other instigated this book to begin with. So, it’s really all or nothing.

However (and this is where the new manuscript comes in)…

February’s Choose Your Own Adventure is a whole other matter. I’m really antsy to get this one done and out to publishers. It will take much more work but it’s not a linear project. It’s a puzzle that I have to finish and I need that kind of challenge at the moment. I want something that will make me work and will absorb my attention. I want to sit down and physically put something together instead of sitting and reading. Editing should be an active process but not active enough for me at the moment.

I need to be moving more. I’m exercising every day, my life is full so to sit and read is difficult. I’m not one to sit in the sun and let life pass me by. I need to be engaged and pushed. I love the thought of papers spread all around me, index cards taped to my wall connected by string. Even if I don’t use that approach, I love the thought of continuing to sort through my brain and pick out the twists, turns and connections that will work. For the concepts that won’t, have no fear, they’re safely filed away to be used another time.

If there’s one thing I learned from last year is that I have to stay flexible. I gave up trying to force a proposed project, if it’s not working, add to it to give the month some variety or forget it and move on. The most important thing for me to do is to stay in my creative space and to do my best to follow through on my commitment. It is so much easier to when others are involved but I owe it to myself (and all you who have supported me or the past year) to make something of these little sprouts. I can’t stop until I’ve done my best and have taken it as far as possible.