My Life is a Circus

Ladies and gentlemen! Step right up! For $1 you can see the SUUUUUUUPER SANtastic Sandra in Action! Hurry, hurry hurry! Each day is a different adventure! Come on in and see what’s in store for you today!

I may not live in a tent but I’m a one-woman show. Handle the wild creatures? Sure. Juggle flaming swords? Got it. Provide entertainment with my little furry sidekick? You betcha. I’ve even got the acrobatics down pat.

Playing 1 14-hour show daily is exhausting. Where do all these side shows come from? Heckling from stands and stage directions being hissed to me by my schedule, there’s no time to change my clothes, fix my makeup or freshen up. The show must go on. And on. And on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the business of a full schedule. In fact, I’ve been volunteering my services to friends lately to fill my days. It’s just some days I feel like there’s a screaming monkey chasing me. Not overly awesome, right?

Today was a super big day for me and I had hoped to get my post written up before heading out to volunteer this morning but of course, that wasn’t the case. I slept in instead. Then, I assumed I’d get my work done between the volunteering and my job interview. I’ve forgotten how long it takes to adequately prepare for an interview. So after a mad dash out the door and settled in the chair talking to a prospective employer, I cringed when I realized all that I had to do.

So, true to form, I promised right after the interview I’d zip home and work. Not yet, I’m afraid. The grocery store beckoned so after completing my shopping, I finally made it home. And about time! With the groceries settled in their respective places (approximately 1/16th of them already in my belly) I finally can put my feet up and write. So here I am.

I did quite a bit yesterday, although not as much as  I had hoped. There are some serious problems with my manuscript, issues that I’m hoping are print-related, and not in the Word document. Chapter endings have been moved around somehow and I seem to be missing an entire chapter. I don’t even want to think about that right now. I may just cry if I have to actually write a piece that should already be there. How am I going to replicate the tone for a substantial chunk of the book? It should be easy but the voice is very tongue-in-cheek and very dry humour. At the moment I’m not feeling overly inspired to be able to pull that off.

I have yet to touch the CYOA so maybe I’ll get my editing for the autobiography to the point I want it (about half way) then start structuring a game plan for other one. I feel like it’s such a mess that I need to take stock in what I have, what needs to be done and what problems, issues, weaknesses and potential limitations I may have with it. Once I know what has to be fixed or taken into consideration I can actually start the editing. And since it’s all hand-written, even the editing is going to be difficult. I have a feeling I need to make a run to Staples for some Post-Its, index cards and tape.

I may sound like a little bit of a cry-baby, I know I feel like one, but I really do enjoy the craziness of my life. It keeps me pleasantly insane (i.e. no drugs required to get me to that point or to counteract life’s effect on me) and entertained. I’m by no means in the extreme in either end and I don’t want to be. I love the razzle-dazzle of simultaneous projects so keep them coming!

Tomorrow’s show will be different yet again so bring your loonie and meet me here for your SANtastic cyber-circus experience!