Nora McInerny Purmort, You’re My Hero

I met Nora in grade 11 when I lived in Minnesota and went to an inner city Catholic high school. I never really felt like I fit in- all the kids seemed so much more sophisticated and such well-rounded citizens of the world. I was sheltered, naive and timid. If only I had given the kids a chance. Being inconspicuous is great if you’re a government spy but not when you’re required to navigate high school.

We had one trip together with Erin and Kara to the Mall of America one day. I loved it. Everyone needs to feel accepted by at least one other person, and here I was, hanging out at the mall with 3 girls I thought were super popular. I could have had so many more memories of Minneapolis if I had let myself be open to them.

Hindsight is always 20/20.

I moved back to Connecticut in november of my senior year without the promise of writing or maintaining our fledgling friendship but who found me on Facebook first? Yup Nora. We were better friends than I knew. We stayed in touch through Facebook and ran into each other at Pearson Airport one June. It was as if we hadn’t seen each other in person for 10 years. We picked up right where we left off.

Then Nora met Aaron.

Nora is an extremely talented writer. All you have to do is read an article she penned on Chick Advisor or 29secrets. I’d read every article that she’d e-publish and I’d get a little more jealous of her ability each time. I was there for Nora and Aaron’s wedding in December, if only by watching it as it was streamed live. Nothing could prepare me for the depth of Nora’s ability as a writer.

I won’t spoil her story; I would do her a grave injustice. It’s like a have a short-order chef try to replicate an intricate French recipe. I highly recommend you discover her story for yourself on Tumblr.

Her writing is pure, emotional and so full of love that it makes my heart break a little each time; it’s so light and effortless. There’s something magical about her ability to make emotion almost tangible while keeping her writing so minimal that the words are almost like an after thought.

Perhaps it’s because our styles are so different that I envy her ability or maybe it’s because she’s found the one person who is so perfectly right for her that most of us will spend the rest of our lives looking for the same thing. Whatever the reason,every generation that are some writers that eclipse the rest of us and Nora is one of them.