From Allspired to Inspired

I have a creativity coach. I had no clue that they existed otherwise I probably would have found one much sooner. But, the world works in mysterious ways so voilá, I am now working with Allison McDonald, the amazing woman behind the Allspire Creative Collective.

I admit, I feel like I’m cheating a bit. I’m one of those people who needs to be independent and to do things on my own. To require help seems weak and an admission of defeat. Well, not anymore. I’ve given up on that thinking because I’ve come far enough to encounter a weakness, which just happens to be follow-through. Plus, I’m tired of the need to be perfect and She-Rah. I now know when to call in the calvary for reinforcement.

I really struggled with the project last year. Even though I stuck with it, by April the posts were becoming more sporadic and the effort just wasn’t being made anymore. I don’t want that to happen again. I want to start with nothing but end up with a polished manuscript that I feel confident in sending out to publishers for consideration. I want to realize my potential with the help of someone who truly believes in me.

If you haven’t noticed, I have yet to actually commit to a schedule or a plan for this year. Perhaps the blog’s title, “Another 12 Novels in 12 Months” is a misnomer. It won’t be the same as last year but I’ll still plan on working on a book a month. I’m looking forward to working with Allison on a storyboard to outline the year. Like I said to her, there are some major projects to accomplish by next June. Polishing 2 books for publication, polishing a 3rd for future consideration, completing 3 novels and the rest of the year starting new ones. I feel like I’m possibly being a little overly ambitious.

Whatever the year holds for me, I can guarantee that it won’t be boring. I can’t wait to see what projects are realized and what I accomplish. Life has a funny way of working out and taking care of it’s owners. The  most important thing is for me to continue believing in myself and work on a project every day.