Seduced by Staples

I finally made my way to Staples for the supplies I’ve been dreaming about for a while now. I’ve been wanting to turn the CYOA into something visual but I wasn’t exactly sure how I could accomplish that. Then I thought of index cards and string. What better way to redecorate my room than to tape a bazillion cards to a wall and connect the story lines with different coloured string? Ingenious!

The problem with that was that I didn’t want to spend the money on the string because I’d have to cut it and what am I to do with it afterwards? So, as I did my shopping today, I picked up the most beautiful coloured index cards! Why use plain white when I can use yellow, pink, green, purple and blue instead? So I picked those up and patted myself on the back. There’s no need for yarn or string. I think I’m becoming a bit of a pro at this.

So, I found my cards, got my Post-Its, and found the biggest notebook I could because it’s finally time to try C.B. Wentworth’s method of The Big Notebook. I’ve decided it’ll have to be used for the Western as a series so with a section dedicated to the characters and then a section for each story. I’m hoping it should be enough.

Until I can put it to good use, I’ll work on filling out my CYOA skeleton on my wall. It’s amazing how doing it this way shows me the gaps and what needs to be flushed out a bit. Perhaps I want the stories to be varied in length. Wouldn’t it be more fun to start off on a track that might only be 3 choices long but then the next time have to make 5 or even 6 choices? It’s already shaping up to be pretty substantial so why not do it right. Go big or go home!

I had forgotten that I had 4 distinct branches of the story and I ran out of wall for my CYOA tree. Ooops. At least my walls are pretty colourful now. Looking at it, I probably could have bought the smaller index cards but where’s the fun in that? At least now I can write parts of the story in directly on the wall; that way it’s all right there in front of me. I’m starting to feel like Beckett from “Castle,” using a story board idea to keeps things straight and organized. When it comes down to it, I’ll stick with whatever works. Obviously I’m not opposed to trying new things and getting creative with my work. I enjoy the challenge.

So, I have the pleasure of watching my room slowly morph in a creative space that lets my imagination go. I’ve always wanted a wall covered with Post-Its or pieces of papers of sketches. To me that’s the ultimate indication that someone’s creative, artistic and expressive. With my little home turning into that I’m finally starting to feel like an artist.

The Skeleton on my Wall at approximately 7 pm