The Skeleton On My Wall

I think it’s turned into a monster. One of those many-legged, space creatures that has sharp, pointy teeth and spits corrosive gunk on it’s prey to start the digestion before it even eats me. Of course, it looks lovely on my wall so maybe a better description is of a herd of My Little Ponies came in to decorate. I don’t know.

The alien feels more apt because this project could  eat me alive. I feel like it’s taken on a mind of its own and will one day, pretty soon, just peel itself off my wall and walk away. When the rest of its Earth-destroying buddies land, you’ll know who to blame. But I won’t be here because it’ll have eaten me one night as I slept.

On the other hand, I think my room was invaded by My Little Ponies. It has to be the colours and the crazy patterns the cards are now making on my wall. Since last night I’ve added another 20 or so cards so I’m quickly running out of room on the wall. It looks great to finally have something on that vast expanse of beige, I do admit.

I’ll stick with the My Little Pony train of thought. It happier and a lot less scary. The stories are taking on a life of their own and now that I’m starting to envision the characters, I can clearly see being stream-rolled by them and a mutiny occurring. Hence the peeling off the wall and eating me as I sleep. Should I be worried this was the first thought that popped into my head?

I would love to take a picture and show you the results so far but I’m now starting to write notes and roughly outline the characters and stories. I don’t want to spoil the surprise of the finished product and I don’t want to give anyone else the same idea. Who knows what may be readable on the cards if you zoom in enough. Once the outlines are finished and I’m polishing the stories, I’ll flip them over and that a picture for you then. Prepare to be amazed. The My Little Ponies went a little berserk in my room. It’s looking pretty good, if I may say so.