Sometimes I Surprise Myself and Sometimes I Don’t

My story is quickly turning into a knotted pile of yarn. If I was actually using string it’d start resembling something from “A Beautiful Mind.” As I transcribed the story from my pages I wrote it boggled my mind that I was able to keep a circuitous story so linear. At no point did I feel like the stories were out of order or confusing. I’m not quite sure how I managed that.

It’s exciting to see it come together and to have little explosions of inspiration when I think through the paths are realize I can double back here or link into another story there. Oh no. This isn’t going to be the stories that you remember as kids. They’re going to be much more complex and sophisticated (at least I hope so). I have to make it fun and challenging. Nothing brings back great childhood memories for those of us addicted to CYOA like getting sucked into a story where you get to choose 3 or 4 times. I want to write a book that is impossible to put down yet could easily take you a few weeks to get through.

So I’ve set myself a solid challenge and I want to have it out to publishers by the end of August. Is that doable? While I still don’t have a job that should be manageable. Hence my commitment to a creativity coach. I need a drill sergeant to kick my bony little bee-hind to get it done. It’s been difficult to get things started properly since I’ve had quite a few adult errands to run but now that things have settled down I should be able to get to work.

I have my meeting with Allison, of Allspire, next week I believe (or I could be making that up) to do my story board for the year and set up a game plan for the first novel to be polished and shipped out. I have no expectations other than to expect the unexpected and be prepared for the worst. Not that I’m a pessimist. It’s just if I’m caught off guard, I want it to be a good caught off guard. I will persevere until that happens not only because I’m stubborn but because I’m working with someone who believes in me. And that makes me truly believe in myself.