The Day That Got Away

Where did Saturday go? I know I got up late (bad me) but in my defense I was doing some reading for research for my CYOA and lost track of time. Then , it was such a lovely day that Yesterday and I went out for a super-indulgent walk around the neighbourhood. After we got home I called my aunt who left one of the best voicemails EVER. Then I’m being shanghaied into doing a run for some sand for the roommate’s backyard pool (because I’m nice). Then there’s dancing.

When will you be doing your writing? I hear you ask.

Well… I’d love to get the writing done but my Saturday’s evaporated in the heat today. I just want to set here, watch thrilling movies and zone out. I think my brain’s melting today. I think I’m going to have to forfeit today and keep tomorrow for work. It also doesn’t help that the cards are starting to come to completion so there will be no other choice than to write. At least the writing part is portable. I’m sure within the next few days you’ll be able to find me madly scribbling away in a coffee shop somewhere, obviously with Yesterday in tow, tucked safely in her carrier.

So, today is a freebie. I’m going to enjoy it, recharge my creative batteries and get back into my serious work tomorrow.