The Lovin’ Spoonful of Summer

It’s one of those summer nights- hot, sticky, then the rain comes rolling in. With it, life becomes sweet, refreshing and bearable again. For once, it’s not a 2-shower day. As much as I hate the waste, there’s no other way to get a good night’s sleep than to jump in for a minute to let cool water wash the day’s grime off my body. It’s a true summer in the city this year.

There’s something about the Golden Oldies that makes me want  to forget everything and dance. Maybe it’s the lure of a time when life simpler and a little more straight forward. I don’t know. All I do know is that my life feels like an episode of American Bandstand. Isn’t that what the summer is about?

Each year there is a sound track that emerges that will invariably bring you back to that concert or that weekend camping or for the truly young at heart, that evening you spent a few magical hours at the local lover’s lane. Mine will be full of Blues, Big Band and some of my favourite oldies filled with nights dancing, Sunday evening walks and moments of pure bliss, playing with Yesterday in the sunshine.

I can’t help but to get sucked into this summer. I’ve never been a summer person in the past but there’s something wonderful about this year. Perhaps it’s because I actually am able to take advantage of the best festivals Halifax has to offer or that I’ve finally decided to give up shaping my life and allowing it to be loose, flowy, free, and bohemian. Whatever prompted the shift, I’m grateful.

I do well with structure; I need constraints and limits but isn’t it a beautiful feeling to allow yourself to step outside of your neatly packaged life to experience what you’ve been missing out on? That’s what the summer is for. It give you the chance to try on another side of yourself. You can dabble in the alternatives, safe in the knowledge that come September you can slide back into the you’ve known and loved.

Or you can return to life changed and an exotic new creature for your friends and family to meet.

Sometimes these shifts are subtle involving a deeper insight into life or a new-found affinity for polka dots and sushi. It could be temporary, feeling out those you care about regarding your new style choice and hair cut. Or something could have shifted that is monumental. Sexuality. Political views. Name changes. There’s no telling what you may encounter in the span of 4 months that could potentially change your life forever.

We should all consider ourselves lucky to have something happen in life that can affect us so deeply or completely. Life is very rarely smooth and simple; it’s the troubles we encounter that make us who we are. I know I’ve been blessed with a wonderful month of allowing myself to re-prioritize and let my little soul recuperate.

I only hope that these shifts in my life, some are slight while others bowled me over like a landslide, will result in a life that I could never have anticipated. Dreams are hard work to start realizing and even harder to maintain but they’re worth every moment of struggle because the reality is usually so much better than you could have imagined.