Tall Ships Make for Tall Tales

It’s the Tall Ship Festival here in Halifax and my meander along the boardwalk really got my imagination going. Considering  ships and sailing are a prevalent theme in this CYOA, it’s fortuitous that I have a harbour full of inspiration at the moment! So, I took my trusty little sidekick down and we wandered along the boardwalk for a few hours.

Yesterday posing in front of some Tall Ships and Theodore the Tugboat. Look for the giant red baseball cap.

It was certainly an experience, navigating our way through the crowds while listening to flags snap in the breeze and the creak of old wood or the ropes tethering them to the pier. It would have been spectacular to investigate the ships, or even one, but with Yesterday in tow, that probably wouldn’t have been a good idea.

So, Saturday is going to be reserved for some serious writing while these impressions are clear in my mind and I can make the most of these imaginings. It’s going to be pretty exciting and I’m looking forward to tumbling down the rabbit hole of my imagination and see what happens when I really focus on these stories.

Some Tall Ships in Halifax, NS

Absolutely Pirate-worthy. Too bad the figurehead isn’t the classic half-naked mermaid. This beauty is my muse.