My Subconscious on the Internet



I don’t have anything to say.

For a writer, how often does that happen? Usually when I’m stumped and don’t really know what to write about for a blog post, I just write and something evolves. Come to think of it, that happens quite often.



It’s interesting to see how free-writing works. I suppose you could say it’s the literary equivalent to Psychology’s free-association or the Rorschach Test. Let your mind go, tap into your stream of subconscious and you may be surprised as to what you end up with. Some people add constraints to their work- time, subject, prompt, etc., but I prefer to just let go. Some days I find I need to vent, other days it’s to work out an issue with my work, still others I feel the need to indulge my armchair philosopher.


I’m not exactly dreading the editing/writing process for my story but it is going to be pretty intense. With job hunting and apartment hunting, lining up volunteer work and getting my book publisher-ready, there’s a lot to do. I’ve let my autobiography lapse; perhaps it’s something best left for much further down the line.


When I was working on it earlier this month it felt complete but now I feel like there’s something bigger in my life to include. How can I finish something that seems to be missing the heart of the story? I’ve never really understood how someone could write their own autobiography. There is so much potential in every single day that your story will never be wholly true until you’ve stopped living. By that I mean dead. Who ever heard of someone’s autobiography spanning volumes? When I die, I don’t plan on being buried so why would I want to sell my life’ story in a boxed set? On the other hand I do appreciate the irony.

It has intrigued me for years that it is in these moments where I feel like there’s nothing for me to write about or reflect upon are the snippets in time when I learn something about myself or an epiphany smacks me between my little eyeballs. It’s certainly not what I expected to write and it seems to come out of left field but here it is. My subconscious on the internet.