It’s Finally Coming Together

Not only have I figured out the schedule for this year but I also finally sat down and figured out the schedule I need to follow in order to get the book finished in time to send out to at least one publisher before September 1st. My life for the next month is as follows:

  • July 26th – Aug. 3rd: re-write and edit
  • Aug. 4th: organize pages into the just-right mixed up order
  • Aug. 5th – Aug. 7th: type up and edit; print out manuscripts for readers
  • Aug. 8th: mail out to readers
  • Aug. 10th – 20th: research publishers and submission requirements
  • Aug. 20th: collect readers’ critiques
  • Aug. 21st – Aug. 28th: final revision and edit
  • Aug. 29th: compile submission for publishers
  • Aug. 31st (or sooner): mail out the submissions!

Before I broke down this project it A) didn’t feel real and B) didn’t seem to be too much work. Well, it’s real now and slightly overwhelming.

I’ve been working on the re-writing and filling in some gaps all day today and I’ve barely made a dent in what has to be done. I’m still hand-writing the stories because I need to have physical pages to move around and organize so that I can play with how exactly to set up the book.

I had no idea that there was so much left to do. This is my first time attempting anything like this so if I know of these bits to be done, I’m afraid to ask what am I missing? It’s exciting to lose myself in the stories as they develop and I flush the scenes out in more detail but It’s evident that my days of taking my time and procrastinating are over. I don’t want my submissions to be rushed or squeezed into my deadline, I want to have a day or two left at the end to savour the piles of submissions, packaged and ready to be taken to the post office. I want to savour the success of the past 2 months. I don’t want to be scrambling until the very last minute hoping that my query letter is professional enough.

If nothing else, I want this done so I can catch my breath before I move into my new apartment on September 1st. You know, the apartment I haven’t found yet. Yeah. It’s going to be an interesting August. Exciting but definitely a little scary. I know I can do it and the experience is going to amazing. I just have no idea how I’ll accomplish that feat.