Raindrops Keeping Falling

It’s going to be one of those perfect days. And what is the recipe for the perfect day?

  • I’m home alone all day
  • it’s overcast
  • there’s a steady pitter patter of rain outside
  • it’s cool
  • Yesterday is curled up beside me

I have a ridiculous amount of writing to do in order to make it to my deadline. It’s exciting, for sure but there are a few moments of heart palpitating adrenaline rushes. I absolutely love it.

I’ve understood the attraction people have for fast cars and dangerous sports for a while now but the empathy takes on a whole new dimension when I’ve discovered the trigger for my own rush. I’m sure the Evel Knievels out there will laugh but think about it. What other path allows you to create worlds, destroy enemies, sleep with countless people without fear of disease, repercussions or judgement? Nothing is off limits because nothing is real.

When you look at writing this way, it’s easy to understand how people could shun society to live disconnected from reality. It is labour intensive and very hard work but it’s worth it. It drains me more than I expect and the pace can be excruciating at times but I wouldn’t change this need to write for anything. I can’t imagine my life without sitting down and working on a story. I adore blogging and still have a hard time believing that it’s been a year since I’ve been doing this. The time is flying by.

So I get to make the most of an ideal day to write and hopefully I can get through 2 story lines. Optimistic? You bet. Probably slightly unrealistic too but at the same time, you never know. Once I get into a story a lot can happen int he span of a day.