Mad Dash Part I


This is going to be an on-going thread over the course of  the month. I have a feeling leaving my writing to the last few days before my deadline will not be my only act of negligence and procrastination. I’m madly scribbling the rest of this story down before I have to start disorganizing the pages and typing every thing up on the 4th. I’m very afraid that I’ve underestimated the time required. So here I am. working on pure adrenaline.


I want to get things written up and done but I can’t seem to get through things fast enough. I want to get to the climax of the story and move on but I’m too intrigued in the story lines. It feels like I’m dragging things out which I can’t imagine being the case. Granted, I want my readers to feel languorous when reading the stories but that takes time. Maybe on the next run through.

Until I get a grip on my timing and actually get ahead with this month’s project, the posts will be short, sweet and concise. No extraneous ramblings at the moment! My armchair philosopher is duct-taped to its armchair with a sock stuffed in its mouth. Although I did have a pretty awesome post idea before going to bed last night. If I can remember what it was I’ll make an exception.