I Feel a Sabbatical Coming On


I don’t really but it’s exciting to say. It’s the wee hours of the first deadline on my scary August timeline and I’m a little nervous. In order to finish on time I’m going to have to work non-stop all day and my fingers are going to have to be duct taped back to my hands in order to type up the stories. Good news though- my schedule gave me more than a day to type and do some last minute editing before shipping my manuscript out to my readers.


I’m thrilled that a huge chunk of thread #2 is well on its way to being finished. It’s still a few hours away but I’m happy. I look at it this way. WordPress time is almost 4 am but it’s not quite 2 am in Halifax time. This gives me a few solid hours before it truly gets late for me. I feel like I’m back in university. The pressure doesn’t hit until 2:30 am.


I never thought I’d end up in this cramming sort of procrastination. Thankfully my life doesn’t depend on getting a good grade or actually getting this done at all but my pride and sanity both do. Right about now I’m really missing chocolate covered coffee beans. On second thought, that’s probably not such a good idea. They are potent little beasties. Word to the wise- don’t forget what you’re eating and start eating them by the fistful. They’re like tiny caffeine bombs.

This summer has been an amazing experience for me so far and I’m really, really, really thrilled about this month. The numbers are whittling away on my countdown calendar. It’s thrilling. It makes my little heart charleston with glee inside my ribcage and it makes me forget about every relationship I have. People fall from my radar like hairsprayed flies. I lose track of time. I neglect my cell phone for days at a time. I feel like a real writer. I’m totally enmeshed in my work and it’s addictive. No wonder I feel like there’s a sabbatical coming my way. I’m already on one, I just haven’t realized it until now.