As the First Deadline Quickly Approaches


Compared to my normal practices, I’ve been working really hard today. I still have quite a few pages left to write but over all I think it’s coming together nicely. I’m sure once I type it up and get it printed I’m sure there will be a ton of things to fix, improve, and or change. I’m really excited about moving on to the next stage soon.


Thread #3 is working out well but there is a lot of work left to be done. I really like this story line, perhaps it’s shaping up to be my favourite one, perhaps not. I won’t know for sure until I can sit down and read through it myself. The stories are so isolated and written under a microscope. I’m very curious about how it’s going to work out and whether the book is going to be successful (as in a reasonable, logical work not a bestseller).


Two of my readers have become wobbly. I don’t blame them, this is my project not theirs and it’s a pretty big one. I just don’t know what I’m going to do now. Did I not give them enough time? 10 days to read through the stories? I was going to include specific directions and in actuality, their specific areas of expertise can be separated from the whole. I know that context, tone, style and al sorts of other literary bits and pieces will get lost if you neglect other aspects but it is possible.

I wanted to write my post earlier today but it was a rare afternoon where the hours just melted away and my work was fluid and easy. Now that it’s getting late I can feel the night owl in my waking up. Perhaps it’ll be another 5 am bedtime and perhaps it’ll be earlier. Maybe I’ll stay up later and have breakfast for dinner at 8. Isn’t this what a writer’s life is all about? Time is malleable. There is no right or wrong way to work as long as you’re being productive. The golden rule in any creative pursuit is to not break the momentum if possible. So I may be in bed early-ish or I may be drinking gallons of tea. All I know is that I’m looking forward to taking part in a creative process. It’s going to be a great night.