Life Marches On


I being frog-marched onwards, sandwiched between time and optimism. I’m glad they’re with me rather than fighting my attempts to re-integrate myself in life. I don’t know how long it’ll take to feel as normal as possible but easing back into my life isn’t as painful as  I thought. Then I got the funeral details. It’s still not real to me.


I managed to get things sorted out and it’s time to type this sucker up. I have 78 pages and of course there will be additions and changes to be made as  I go along. Am I ready for whatever this leads to? I hope so because I’m not changing my mind on this submission!


I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to view an apartment and 2 job interviews later this week so things are coming together again. It’s amazing how life throws so many things at you at once and it’s such an eclectic mix of good and bad. Of course it’s not always balanced but you take what you can and deal with the rest.


I’m looking forward to a solid few hours of typing tomorrow and working on getting the story input so I can work on it the way I’m used to- in a Word document. As much as I love writing the old fashioned way, I’m too used to the perks of the computer: easily saved, copied and transferred thereby producing multiple guards against losing it forever, the delete button and most importantly, a piece of writing that looks polished and professional even if there’s a bazillion mistakes in it. There’s something so delicious about crisp margins and justified lines.

I’ll continue working hard on this project as the rest of my world slowly pieces itself back together.