August 6th- A foreshadow of What’s to Come


It was a ridiculously hot, awful summer day that was also busy and intense. I get crabby on these 2-shower days. I’m better at tolerating the heat than I let on but there are those few days in the summer when I’ve just had enough. It’s official. I’m finished with summer and it needs to be Fall. Now.


I’ve been working on the book, typing up 33 of the 78 pages. I’m at 6,885 words so you can imagine there are quite a few pages with barely anything on them. If I’m almost half way through my pages, what is my story missing? I can absolutely understand the artist angst that more rational people attribute to hysteria. Trust me people, it’s real.


My writing is crap. My book needs a major overhaul. I actually think I have 3 books, not just 1. It’s not even a book. It’s a pamphlet for goodness sake! It’s 2 am here and I’m tired. It’s the perfect combination to get all my anxieties out and in the open. I seriously doubt if I’ll get this done in time. Should I take it in to get it printed or should I buy a printer and paper and print it at home? What’s cheaper? I want to get the rest of the pile I took to type up tonight finished but I’m tired and my fingers aren’t working as they should. I think I need to call it a night and get it done tomorrow morning.


This is absolutely insane. I suspect I’m going to turn into a hermit for the next few weeks as I get this finished. I really want to meet my goal and I’m not too sure how that’s going to work out. I haven’t even put in a movie to listen to while I work and you know how I love my t.v. shows and movies! This is getting serious.


I’ll try to remember to post an entry tomorrow (I guess later today) and I’ll be sure to update you all on what happens. It’s going to be a roller coaster ride.

What did I get myself into?!