You’re Gettin’ Old, Lucille


Poor Lucille the Laptop. I finally broke down and bought a printer and all the fixin’s to be a self-sufficient little writer and the $20 über-basic model requires the MAc OS X version 10.5 or higher to install. Sadly, Lucille has only mastered the 10.4-level. She feels inadequate. I told her she’s quirky and charmingly outdated.


I slept in  today so I didn’t finish my typing until about 4 pm. If I had gotten up on time I would have stuck to my schedule. So, I’m 4 hours behind in everything and now this catastrophe.


I was very optimistic that I’d be able to get the manuscripts out to my friends but if I have to go somewhere to print them then that’s going to be a nightmare! I really wanted them to have the packages for the weekend but that might be wishful thinking now. Why didn’t I think of buying the printer earlier this week?


I’m stymied in regards to how to work on this now. I wanted to print out a copy (all 83 double-spaced pages) to work on but now that that’s not an option I have to work on my scribbled pages and read the story right in the Word document! Yes I’m saving trees but my little eyeballs are going to mutate from the toxic glow of Lucille’s screen. I suppose I can count this as an occupational hazard along with papercuts and bent fingers from holding a pen too hard.

Well, if I have to return the printer and its paraphernalia at least I won’t feel guilty about buying 2 new pairs of running shoes (even if they were on sale). Plus, this is an excuse to buy a new computer when I’m able to. A printer is among the essentials to a writer. I miss having everything I need at my fingertips.