Please Check Your Laziness at the Door


My attention has been everywhere else except my writing today. This is not good news when you’re behind schedule and you start a new job on Monday.


I just don’t want to do anymore major writing. Re-writes and edits are fine but I really don’t want to add more mini-threads to this story or anymore scenes. No one said this was going to be easy but it’s going so slowly because I’m procrastinating! I want to have a normal schedule and a real life again! No more sleeping in until 10 am or later. I want days that are full, productive and packed with so many things to accomplish that there’s no time to waffle and dawdle.


I need to overhaul my entire world and what better time than now when everything else is in flux? If I’m going to change one thing I may as well change everything I can. Life can easily slip into a holding pattern that is very dangerous. I don’t want to continue this route, I want to live it and enjoy every moment I can.

Obviously “enjoying” is very broad term. Not everything will be sunshiny but what’s the fun of a life with no challenges? So I have to pull up my bootstraps, buckle down and get through my work. I’ve come too far t let things slide now. The last 20% of any project/task/challenge is the hardest. So, I have a reward picked out for when I mail in my submissions on August 31st. Until then, my blinders have to be put on and I have to get my work done.