Oxymoron Monday


Things are falling apart as you’re coming together. My life is in organized chaos at the moment. When something is going well, I tend to forget just how bad I am at juggling responsibilities and coordinating my schedule to accommodate all my priorities. For example- I’m making my lunch/supper for work today as I’m writing this post and I let my chicken boil over and didn’t realize I had the wrong burner turned on for my veggies until the chicken boiled over and it felt like the first circle of Dante’s Hell.



I wish I was better at doing more than one big thing a day. How do people manage it? Maybe I’m better it at than I suspect but I’m just rusty at the moment. I getting further and further behind with my writing. I’m still working on the editing and haven’t sent anything out to my readers yet. I’m starting to get really nervous about it. I’m cutting it much too close.


I can’t wait for September to come. By this time next month I’ll be a routine in my new home and have this book sent out. I just have no clue how I’m going to get from here to there with my sanity intact.