Have I Mentioned How Much I Hate the Heat?


I’m usually better with the summer than I think However, that’s not the case today. This is the kind of day that overshadows those beautiful balmy, breezy days in May, June and even July. Days like today make me cranky and wishing I had air conditioning.


I hate being sticky. I hate being hot. And I most certainly hate the sun. Give me snow blindness, bitter winds and icy rain any day. *Grumble*  See what I mean? My cantankerous little curmudgeon has come out of it’s tiny hole.


I was at work yesterday (I get a little zing of happiness when I say that) and was thinking about how I live life and approach projects. I tend to mash a whole bunch of things together like watch t.v. as I write and end up not getting anywhere too quickly. Perhaps I should try the opposite approach. Compartmentalize.


I’m fantastic at compartmentalizing some aspects of my life so why not try it in conjunction with time management? I have a feeling I’ll start to get much more out of life than just ticking items off my to-do list. When I write my stories I’ll get sucked into them because there is no external stimuli to detract from the creative process. When I watch movies or t.v. shows I can completely immerse myself without the guilt that I should be working as well. Multitasking is great but there are times when you should slow down and take the time to appreciate what you’re doing to build your life into something you want to live.


Just as with the heat, I need to sit back, take a breath and accept the roller coaster that is my life at the moment. Two major things have fallen into place (finding a job and finding an apartment) on the same day and there’s still over 1/2 the month to go to pack and get ready to move and finish my manuscript. Somehow the days will expand to accommodate what needs to get done but I have to put the effort into making the most of each day I have. The heat won’t last forever; perhaps this is actually the last heat wave of the summer! I can only hope… Moving won’t take too long, and I work with a great group of people who have already made me feel welcome so I love my job. I mean, I truly love it.

I should remember the laws of Physics and be loose and melt-y in proportion to the heat and humidity. My little curmudgeon feeds off stress and frustration so the easier and more forgiving I am on myself when I’m not feeling my best takes away Curmie’s powers to wreak havoc on my mental state. If there was a month to be gentle and forgiving to myself (not self-pitying like in June) this would be it. I have a feeling as soon as I relax the pressure I’ll surprise myself with what I can accomplish.