Dancing Phalanges

If there’s nothing more that I will remember from watching Bones, I will always remember “dancing phalanges.” It’s a ridiculously nerdy twist to jazz hands or twinkly fingers to entertain babies. Have I mentioned what a sucker I am for nerdiness? What’s not to love about brains and corny pick up lines?

I’m starting to watch Bones all over again as I’m working on my edits. I just can’t help it, I need the sound of voices in the background but not music. There was a study done just recently that found that coffee shops and environments that offer peripheral stimulation and noise to be optimal for creativity. I find it fascinating that that is the case. You can take the girl out of the Psychology Department but you can’t take the Psych Department out of the girl.

I’m really looking forward to writing today. I wish I had more of the day left but it’s still not yet 2 pm so I have a solid chunk of afternoon, evening and night to get things done. There is a ton to do but I have to buckle down, slog through it and look forward to a very satisfying evening once it’s finished. Is that reasonable? I’ll do my best!