I Don’t Want to be the McDonald’s of the Publishing World



We’ve passed the half way mark for the month.

I’m really feeling the crunch now. It seems like the more I edit, the more there is to edit and the worse my writing sounds. I only expect the best quality that I can write and I feel like this work is the McDonald’s of my ability- fast, cheap, satisfying junk food that’s going to give my readers a mindache for something more nourishing.



I’m certainly not knocking this style; I happen to love it. I just don’t want it to become my voice or my strength. Perhaps my month end goal is too ambitious. Maybe I can pull this book together in time or it could just require too much work. I sent threads 1&3 off to my readers so the direction I take is in their hands.


I thought I’d be fine throwing my work around to have others critique it  but I wasn’t. I had to do it at 2 am this morning when I was tired, fed p with working on it and just needed to cross something else off my to do list. Things are out of my hands temporarily and I’m so grateful. I’ll work on thread 2 and hopefully have it sorted out but Saturday. While I have this to do, I now have to start hunting down boxes to start packing.


I haven’t been completely overwhelmed yet but have no fear. The month is only middle aged. My the time it’s heading into old age the pressure cracks will appear and by the time it’s geriatric I’ll be duct taping myself together to make to September 1st. The good thing about being busy like this is that time will fly by and in a month I’ll be able to sit back and truly appreciate what I’ve been through this month.

So, off to work I go and with a light day forecasted, I have my papers to work on the story and my Irish material to work on if the day does fill up. That’s the beauty of learning a language- I can work on it in 10 or 15 minute chunks. With writing I’m barely getting started at that point.