My Parents Have Been Married Forever



I want what my parents have. They’re celebrating their 38th wedding anniversary today and they’re on their way to being the adorable old couple that you see sitting on a park bench holding hands. I hope I get married young enough to reach the 40-year mark with my husband but let’s first start with a boyfriend.



It’s amazing how quickly time flies. I was laying in bed this morning, trying to get up but falling asleep again and again when I realized that things have shifted into urgent mode. It’s imperative that I get my thread done today and it’s getting pretty serious that I start packing and figure out how to move my stuff to my new apartment.


I wanted to work on my thread at work yesterday but my day filled up, which good. Today I fear it’s going to be the same thing but at least I have tonight to come home and work on it. My roommate’s been talking to me non-stop for the past few days and it’s driving me bananas. I guess it’s time to sequester myself for the remaining weeks to avoid interruptions. This needs to get done if only for my sanity.


I haven’t checked to see what’s next on my agenda for the year but I think it’s the Western. I’m really looking forward to it and since I’ll be in my own place I have a better chance at getting my work done. So, today’s schedule is full and the rest of August is going to fly by in a blur.