There Are Babies Everywhere

It’s the year of pregnancies and babies. Is the world really coming to the end and people are procreating at an overly expeditious rate to increase their chances of carrying on their genes? Did I miss the memo ’cause there are no babies in my near future. Or does my book count?

My friend, Nora (remember from and her remarkable story?) is preggers! I’m absolutely jealous of Mini Purminerny. Then, my cousin’s fiancée is currently in the hospital bringing their baby boy into the world. I briefly worked with a woman who’s due in October and I’m sure there’s going to be another announcement among my friends or family at some point in the near future.

I’ve been re-working thread #2 between cleaning and packing and as I’m re-writing it, I’m becoming more and more convinced that each thread is actually a book. This project has sprouted legs, horns, and a wicked sense of humour. What have I gotten myself into? 

Each time I sit down with this project I find new things that make me seriously question what I’m doing. I’ve done a bit of research tonight on agents and found a professional editor who will also help with submission packages. It’s like Christmas for me.

My excitement lasted exactly 4.83 seconds until Pascal finally put in an appearance. Remember him from last year? My inner critic, shouting disparaging and discouraging things at me in a misguided attempt to motivate me. Will my work ever be to the point that I can feel confident in sending my work to an editor in a serious attempt to get it published.

I don’t want to rush this, I want to get it as polished and shiny as possible, so shiny that the magpies living in the trees outside the publishers’ offices will try to sneak in to steal my manuscript. At the same time, I want to be finished. I’m ready to move on and this is disrupting my proposed schedule. It’s really not a tough call; logically I know that I need to take my time rather than slap it together and send it out by August 31st.

Am I over-thinking things? I think Petunia the Perfectionist has arrived to the Peanut gallery for some mild heckling. I don’t know if my original idea is the right track or if I should be reconsidering things and pull the threads apart and work on expanding each one. I suppose I can work on these simultaneously as I work on thread #2. Start with the original plan and then go back and embellish to expand it into the most I can make it. Sound good, ma cherie? And you, Petunia? Satisfied?