It Feels So Great to be Back

I have internet again. According to the repair man, the company I’m using is switching to Fiber Optics so all modems right now are refurbished. Cross our fingers I’ll get more than a day out of this new one.

I got my beautiful little writing desk yesterday and I just can’t stay away from it. I adore my creative space! I can feel my imagination stretch out and really start to wake up. I’m sure as life settles down and a routine becomes apparent, I’ll get even more accomplished than I did last year.

Without further ado, allow me to present my brand new, fancy schmancy creative space and writing desk!

*drum roll please*

My very own desk. Yes, that’s me kissing the Blarney Stone. Some days I think I swallowed a tiny piece of it.


Above the desk is a painting I got in New Orleans with my Blues Buddy that says “Write your own story.” Of course it has to hang over my desk as inspiration. I love how austere and pure the desktop is right now but you can bet that’s going to change.


Speaking of inspiration, I went to my first meeting of the Romance Writers of Atlantic Canada and it was incredible! I don’t think I have laughed as hard as I did this afternoon in ages! Unfortunately I can only attend one more meeting without becoming a member, so yours truly is going to be dropping off her application to the Romance Writers of America (the umbrella organization of which RWAC is a chapter if I understand correctly). It seems to be my mission this year to join organizations, get involved and start pursuing passions in earnest.



And speaking of registering… I have some very big news but I’ll have to save it until it’s confirmed (hopefully by tomorrow). Let’s just say I’m downplaying the importance of the experience. Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!


The project this month was to polish the Western and after just getting my manuscript back from a friend, I can finally start working on it as well as the CYOA. While I love the CYOA, I’m afraid I’m going to have to rip it apart. True to form, my first draft isn’t going to look anything like the final one I fear. This is going to easily be a 5+ revision piece and I’m going to be brutal with it. Nothing is sacred, set in stone or guaranteed. I will be taking no prisoners in the war against bad writing. My worst nightmare is to be associated with poor quality work and shoddy literary craftmanship. I may as well approach a gallery to sell the paint-by-numbers I’ve done. Shameful!


As I’ve been thinking more about the Western at the moment, I need to start figuring out what direction it’s going to go in the next book of the series. I don’t intend to plan things out but I’d at least like to have something to start off with. I can’t quite figure out what the main conflict is or what the problem my characters have to resolve and it’s frustrating. This is a story line that has started off fairly ambiguous and is clearly still very muddled but the characters that have appeared and the events that have transpired have set me up for a series that is going to grow in complexity and evolve into something significant. It’s not that I need to know what it is but the compulsive side of me would really like to be in on the secret.


Now that I’m in my new home, I have the space and freedom to give my work the attention and focus it needs to develop. At this point in my life, I’m taking advantage of the freedom- no spouse, no tiny beings clamouring for my attention, it’s just Yesterday and I and my drawer of manuscripts.

Life is beautiful.