Wind Me Up, Baby!

What a way to start a week. There’s a program those of you in N. America might know of- the Masters Swim Club. It’s essentially a training circuit for those of us who aren’t in university and have no hope of turning professional (although there are the occasional Ironman competitors, triathletes and former university varsity swimmers). I was afraid of getting back in the pool for a plethora of reasons:

  1. practice is at 6:30 am 3 days a week
  2. I’m so out of shape I’ll have to scurry from the locker room to the pool edge in a giant towel then drop it and jump right in
  3. I’ll have to swim with the geriatric members because I’m so out of shape

Even with all these doubts swirling around my head I went and I loved it. Granted, in the coming weeks it’s going to start feeling like I’m swimming through Jell-O but that’s a good sign. Even now, I was starting to feel it. Towards the end I certainly felt like a little tin soldier who needed a but more winding up to carry on.

Once I got home and had my breakfast, my day quickly picked up steam. I will say that I love early mornings because it’s like having two days rolled into one. Pre-work and the afternoon. With my errands for the week mostly done I can spend my wee morning hours working on my Western and the CYOA.

Because guess what…

Here comes the big news!

*drum roll please*

I’ve registered for Pitch the Publisher at Word on the Street Sunday, September 23! At 11 am yours truly will be pitching her YA Western to a panel of publishers!

That’s right! I have the opportunity to stand up in front of a panel of publishers and an audience (not televised, thank goodness!) and present a 2 minute pitch for the Western! I’m keeping this as insignificant as possible. Nothing good ever comes from piling expectations on a situation. As long as I approach this as an experience and just be happy that I have the chance to get feedback from professionals in the publishing industry, I can’t lose. If nothing comes of this, I’m prepared but if they do show interest, I have to be prepared for that as well.

By 11:30 am I’ll be out to lunch with my friend who’s coming along for moral support and we’re going to celebrate one more milestone and accomplishment on my way to becoming a desired author.