Time is a Funny Thing


It absolutely boggles my mind how time works. I woke up this morning early enough to make it to Yoga and the moment I got up from Corpse Pose it’s like time had been suspended and started moving in fast forward. The morning slipped through my fingers and by the time I got home to catch my breath and figure out what i needed to do, I realized it’s getting pretty close to when I have to leave for work. I finally understand the concept of burning your candle at both ends.


I always thought of myself as a night owl. I’ve always found it much more enjoyable to be up late and to sleep in. When I was little, school started before 8 am so we had to get up early to catch the bus. In the winter, I’d lay my clothes out in front of the register in my room to get them warm and Mom would routine walk in to find me curled up under my clothes fast asleep. Now, I’m discovering the joys of early mornings full of solitude, writing and me-time in the form of exercise. The trouble is, I love my 6:30 am swim practices but I also love my afternoon/evening work schedule and I completely run out of time for naps. Is this what you call being an adult?


I’m still ironing out my new routine but as each week goes by I get a little more settled and what my new life is shaping up to be is very exciting. I keep forgetting that activity creates energy- I constantly think I’m going to fade half way through my day but I don’t even notice the hours ticking by, I just put all my effort in the here-and-now so before I know it another day is done.


That being said, I’m starting to find that if I’m sitting for long periods of time trying to work on my writing, I get tired. I want to eat even though I’m not hungry, I want to nap, I’ll find myself vegging out in front of a movie, the Word document completely forgotten. This can’t happen!

I need your help, WordPress friends! What do you do to keep your mind fresh and sharp during busy days when you’re finally able to sit down and write? I’d love to hear your ideas!