What Does Monday Feel Like?

I’m completely out of sorts. Have you ever had one of those days where you feel yourself living but you can’t quite catch up with yourself?

I’ve been working on my pitch and the approach I settled on and thought would be a great idea, well now I’m not so sure. How serious should I be? Should I introduce them by name or incorporate dialogue and label them protagonist, antagonist and undecided? Should I include some dialogue? If I do that will I need to really get into my performance and sound different for each one (I’m pretty sure this would get a resounding yes)? I just don’t know.

My brain’s been hopscotching like a little kid with firecrackers tied to her roller-skates. As I was at work taking a break from my writing to read some blogs, a post from 12 books in 12 months got me thinking about my book preferences. I don’t know how people enjoy serious books such as The Lovely Bones or The Kite Runner. Perhaps I’m just feeling delicate today but I just feel like there’s so much going on in the world that is serious, why not take advantage of the escapism books (movies, theatre, etc.) has to offer? I wish I could get into the intellectual, thought-provoking, serious literature that will make me feel smarter but all I want is to read Archie Comics and other brain junk food.

Could someone help me figure out what the attraction is to these novels? If you read them, what attracts you to them?