This blog makes me so happy I just had to share it.

The View Outside

My regular readers will probably be aware by now that I have a book buying habit lol 😉 I’m a bit of an addict *blush* So, recently, when hubby took some time off work, i managed to persuade him to take me to Hay On Wye, aka The Town of Books 🙂

If you click the link above and scroll, you’ll see that there are quite a few book shops lol. During our day there we managed to visit 22 of them!

I had a lovely day, but only bought 5 books! Can you believe it? I must be ill 😉 No, actually, hubby and I made a pact…. NO fiction! We both have huge TBR piles, so I was fine with that.

For your viewing pleasure, a snapshot of my day, including the books I bought 🙂








So if you ever get chance, you must go! Just make sure…

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