Gettin’ Down to the Wire


I’ve always measured time to an exciting/scary/important event in days, as in you know you’re getting really close when the day has its own name. “Two days from now” doesn’t have the same thrilling sound as “the day after tomorrow.” Any day can have a number indicating how many sleeps until the BIG DAY but you know it’s getting close when you no longer need numbers.


I still have 3 days to the pitch so I’m playing it cool. That doesn’t mean I’m sitting here relaxed and whittling my time away on extraneous activities. Oh no. My apartment is a tiny den of creativity. Most nights I come home from work and make a beeline for my desk. With the tiny desk lamp on, I’m curled over my computer working on this pitch or hunched over a sheaf of papers working on my notes for the Western.


It’s a tiny post today since I do have to head to work now and perhaps I’ll get to post again later tonight. And by tonight I mean a few hours shy of Friday which in turn means the pitch will be happening the day after tomorrow. 

My grace period has just expired.