Somehow I Managed to Survive My Very First Pitch

I pitched today and I survived. It was scary, intimidating, nerve-wracking and that was just the walk to the venue. As of late o’clock last night I still hadn’t been able to write a pitch. I had no idea what to write or how to sell my Western. My meeting with an editor on Friday was fantastic and she was right- they were looking for Atlantic Canadian writing not a historical fiction set in the U.S. So the day went something like this:

8 am: wake up

8:30 am: shower

8:35 – 10:15 am: work on pitch

10:15 am: walk to my friend’s to pick her up

en route to my friend’s I managed to cobble together something I hoped could pass as a pitch. I do live on the edge don’t I?

10:30 am: meet said friend and wander over o Word on the Street

10:30 – 11 am: dawdle and distract myself

11:00 – 11:05 am: pitch and get feedback

11:06 am: check all important vitals for continued signs of life

As I expected, it was atrocious yet brilliant in a slipshod kind of way. Thank God I didn’t video that debacle. Yet, for all my flaws, I wouldn’t have changed a minute.

I want to sit down and write a thoughtful, detailed post tomorrow about what I learned and this experience. There’s so much that I want to pass along to everyone else because trust me, I made a lot of mistakes. The sting will lessen if I know that someone’s benefited from what I learned too late the first time around.

So, after a good night’s sleep I may just be brave enough to divulge the gory details and my humiliating mistakes. The one thing I can say is that today I may have been a fool but I certainly wasn’t a wallflower.