Wordy Wednesday

If Mr. Fish Stick wasn’t on my desk I’d sweep every piece of clutter off and display the collection of writing magazines I really shouldn’t have bought. It’s truly obscene how many magazines I bought but in my defense, they’re all to do with writing.

How could I not pick up Novel Writing by Writer’s Digest when it promises to teach me how to hook readers from chapter one? The more I read the cover, the harder I long to cozy up in a comfortable armchair in a café and read and make notes. 

Then of course there’s the Writer’s Digest and their interview with Patricia Cornwell. Of course, that’s a bonus because this month’s issue really all about the “25 agents who want your work.” This is emblazoned right on the cover! How could I pass up that?! It’s always nice to be wanted *le sigh*.

Then of course there’s The Writer which will supposedly help me reign in my inner critic. Then there’s Poe’s advice to writers; who can turn those gems down?

The Strand Magazine somehow managed to jump into my hands as well. Even though it’s not a about the craft, it’s still one of the publications that should be on a must-read list for any serious author. If you can’t make it through The New YorkerThe WalrusThe Fiddlehead, or The Atlantic (and these are just the ones I know of), it’s a great source of short story entertainment blended with interviews for the mystery genre. 

I admit i’ve never really been one for magazines, I never truly understood what you do with them in the end but now that I have to take my writing seriously, I can see a magazine collection growing. It’s intimidating to read about other writer’s creative histories and their accomplishments but at the same time it’s great motivation to continue working on the 12 novels project as well as resume my short stories.

I feel like I’ve really lost sight of the original project and that makes me sad. I really miss the excitement of plowing through a novel but I’ve also learned that it’s not the best approach. Characters are flat, the story falls apart and the writing is weak at best. I finally truly understand why it takes so long to complete a book. Perhaps it gets easier over time but for right now it’s going to require a prodigious amount of attention, focus,time and energy. So, I have a stack of recent publications to read and rip up as I find the articles that will inspire and motivate me to stick with The Western (now known as Evelyn Hawthorne, Outlaw) and trust that all this effort is worth it.