A Ghost’s Story

I wanted to sit down and work on the ghost story installment but I got sidetracked by an experimental piece. I’m not sure if the voice and style work but I tried.

We watch for you. You may feel our presence but it’s much more likely your ears are plugged by the gadgets and tiny machines that seem so popular now. We don’t understand and that frustrates us.

As you walk past store fronts, can’t you see us standing behind you? Our clothes are spotted with mould, our skin is mottled with rot. Our lips are sewn shut as are our eyes. We’re confused with our city. What happened to the taverns, the wooden piers, the markets? How wealthy has our city become that it can now afford so much glass?

We waft and waver along the streets, sometimes following one of you, other times trying to insinuate ourselves into your cluster of people. The wind that comes barreling down the street carries our garbled moans away with it. As hard as we try, we’ve been silenced forever.

We understand we’re dead but how can we rest when night after night groups of you go out for entertainment at our expense? Tromping through our graveyards, evoking our names in your stories; you never let us rest.

It’s just as well that you can’t see us because you will never know how close you come to being strangled by our dirt-caked hands. You are oblivious to the fact that we would love nothing more than to drag you 6 feet down. It’s your turn to be the feast for the worms and maggots. We want to be a part of life again. So for now we wait. It’s inevitable that one day we will be and you’ll be the one taking our place.

I don’t normally write something so graphic and certainly not publicly but I figure with Halloween around the corner I could relax a bit and really get into the spirit of things.

What do you think?