I Wish I Had a Moustache

So I can twirl it, as I envision mark Twain having done, as I feverishly work on my NaNoWriMo project. I’m afraid I wouldn’t look too lovely with one so it’s just as well I’m fuzz-free. I’ll tell you who does though…


You like zee moostache, non? NON?! Merde! I grew eet joost fur you!


This was her contribution to Movember and I think she looks quite dashing. All she needed was a giant bicycle, a top hat and a monocle to complete her look.

Too bad it was taped on. Ah well, c’est la vie.


Another NaNoWriMo has crept up on me and i have no idea what I’m going to do. I desperately wanted to write a Halloween short story to share with you all but as I tried to work on it, I had the very unsettling experience of not being able to write an opening sentence that inspired me to continue! It was like I had forgotten how to write! Sacré bleu!

There are some pieces that I started last year that I definitely want to revisit but that’s cheating. If I rattle my head around hard enough, I’m sure something will dislodge from my unconscious but I feel curiously empty-headed this morning. As I watched Ghostbusters last night, I was confident that I’d have a zinger of an idea, one that would keep me up and make me itch for 12:01 am so I could start writing. Unfortunately I slept like a baby and even had the audacity to hit snooze about 20 times (seriously, I slept in by a whole hour).

I’m counting my blessings that work is slow today. So, Lucille is coming to work and we’re going to start writing. It’ll be painful, it’ll be a struggle but the whole point today is to get something written and revive my creativity. Writing is like plantar fasciitis- it’s awfully painful for the first little while once you get going, you loosen up and the discomfort fades.

I have to admit, I’m really excited for NaNo. Now if only I had a moustache or dated someone whose moustache  I could twirl.