NaNoWriMo + Me = Besties


I never actually “won” a NaNo challenge yet (ouch, that admission hurt!) but with each year comes another chance to succeed. Is this the year for me perhaps? I’m absolutely sure it is.


I’ve been trying to think of some ways to keep me writing and to bring me back into the diabolically creative mindset. I’m thinking of interspersing some short stories (little 5-minute quickies) to break up the intense scrambling as I plow through a 50,000-word novel. It’s certainly making more work for me but at the same time taking  break can certainly help keep the brain motivated and industrious.


The writing is going slowly, much more slowly than I can really afford but pffft.


It’s my 30th-birthday weekend! 


This weekend had some writing time scheduled but I think I’ve been given the Twiggy-sized weekend; there’s nothing to them! I thought my plans were reasonable but before I knew it,  my birthday on Saturday had been gobbled up with Yesterday’s photo shoot (a Christmas present from my darling sister), shopping, and dinner and a movie. Nothing beats enjoying one of my favourite meals while watching Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall in The Big Sleep.


Then today (Happy birthday, Dad!) was a post-birthday brunch with a friend and a stunning walk through the park with Yesterday. After a romp in the intoxicating Fall sunshine and a tiny bit of grocery shopping, before I knew it it was time to put in the Prime Rib roast. The only thing better than spoiling yourself is to have someone else spoil you but for me, I do quite well on my own.


The story I’ve picked is the stand-alone Literary Fiction novel that I got about 5,000 words into last year. I know this doesn’t follow the directives of NaNoWrimo but there has to be some room for interpretation when it comes to creative projects. Considering I haven’t been back in my creative space for a few months and the Halloween story never materialized because I couldn’t get it started, I figure my best shot at getting back into the game is to finish a story from last year.


The LF novel has me intrigued. I’ve thought about it off and on since starting it in January and I really want to see what happens. In the 5,000 words so far, I’ve managed to set up a mystery, introduce quite a few characters and pique my curiosity.I really want to finish it this month and see where it takes me. It’ll be a bit of a challenge to keep my life balanced but I’m working on a schedule that will hopefully help me stay on track.

So hopefully this will be the year that I’ll join the winner’s circle and finish a novel in November. It would be a pretty SANtastic way to start the next decade of my life…