The Advent Calendar of Creativity

I had a sneaking suspicion that I wouldn’t last 3 weeks without writing or thinking about writing. I didn’t make it 3 days.

I’m soaking my feet in the best foot bath ever createdAnd as I’m soaking my feet I’m catching up on blog posts from this week and beyond and I can’t ignore the need to write a post. I hadn’t hit the day-1 mark of this sabbatical when I had a brilliant idea. Instead of chocolate advent calendars, I’m doing a creativity one. Starting December 1st, each day will have a writing prompt!

I’m still debating about how artsy to get with this. I have to admit that my lack of drawing ability is frustrating and I have no patience when it comes to crafts. I wish that wasn’t so. I think I’m going to have to go out tomorrow and scrounge up a tree branch big enough to turn it into a Christmas Tree that will make Charlie Brown’s look like he stole it from the Rockefeller Centre. I don’t care though. It’s going to be my very own Christmas Tree in my very own apartment. More importantly, it’s going to be the frame for my Advent Calendar!

Once I stumbled upon this idea, it took on  life of its own and I can’t stop the ideas flying through my head. I have close to 40 writing prompts; 24 are Christmas related and the rest are a hodge podge that I’ll save for another time. I need to  start making little ornaments for my tree as well as hunting down faerie lights and real decorations. With all my holiday shopping done, I can’t wait to start this project!

Of course I’ll post pictures and share the daily prompt, which you’re more than welcome to use if it inspires you but mostly I just want to share my journey as I rediscover and reclaim my creativity. I hoped that once I officially gave myself permission to take a break from my writing the freedom would allow me to explore other avenues of inspiration and I wasn’t disappointed. I’m just surprised that it happened so quickly!

While I may be back writing, I’m still taking the 3 weeks as a breather from daily blogging and from the novel-writing. I really don’t know when I’ll get back to the novels and I’m okay with that. I’d rather write a 1,000-word short story a day than 1,000 words of a novel that’s just dragging on and on. I know I’ll come back to the novels when I’m ready, just as I knew this “vacation” would be the catalyst I needed to get back into my writing.

Perhaps I’ll focus on writing a short story to submit for publication. Maybe it’s time to scale back my ambitions just for now and work on a piece that is short and well-written. I’ve written a novel, a choose your own adventure and an autobiography. I know I can do it because I’ve done it. Now it’s time to try my hand at becoming a published author.

But for now, first things first. I need a tree and decorations. What a perfect day for arts and crafts and shopping- a snowy Sunday at the end of November.