I Have a Christmas Tree and It’s Grinch-Proof

I did it. I finally followed through with a creative project and while I feel kind of silly about the end result, I love it.

I thought I’d find some dead branches at the park today and create a post-modern-esque Christmas Tree, with lights, ornaments, the works. Sadly, as I hunted down the perfect branch or branches, I realized it was destined to look much better in my head than I could ever achieve in reality. So, I headed to Canadian Tire and Walmart to scope out real trees and artificial ones. Unfortunately that didn’t work out either. I did manage to get a box of lights though.

So, I was sitting on my couch drumming my fingers on the cushion (much to the annoyance of the dog who was laying on said cushion) when I decided to attempt to create a tree using the string of coloured lights. Yes! Brilliant! It will be magnificent! I will have my unorthodox Christmas Tree after all.

So, I got my roll of Scotch tape and spent the next 40 minutes wrangling the string into something that after a few drinks bears a passing resemblance to a tree. If you know what you’re looking for, you’ll see it. If not, well I’m open to interpretations of my my visual art. At least now I don’t have to turn on the main light in my apartment when the tree’s plugged in. I just have to watch out for droopy branches.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, make it yourself

I don’t think the Grinch would even bother with it. One strategic pull and there would be no tree left. No ornaments to chase, no need to shove a bunch of branches up a chimney, Mr. Grinch. Just coil up the lights and off you go on your merry scary way. Even my little presents are easily stolen. 

As promised, I turned the tree into an Advent Calendar. I even used wrapping paper to write on so there are 25 tiny parcels taped to the wall in the tree and the little bundles look so much better than any ornaments because of what’s inside each one. I know what prompts I selected but I’m really excited to see which one I get first. Of course I threw in one or two that will be challenging and a few that I’m looking forward to the most but that’s part of the excitement! When will I pick them?

This year I wanted to celebrate Christmas but I don’t want to have boxes of decorations and a fake tree laying around for 11 months of the year. Nor do I want to be a tree murderer and deal with getting rid of the evidence in January. I have to admit, I’m quite proud of my ingenuity even if it does look like a kindergartener did it. Until I have a proper grown-up life, I’m perfectly content living the eclectic, eccentric lifestyle of a free spirit. Who knows, the lights may just migrate to the kitchen for the rest of the year.


So for the holiday, I’ll be enjoying my tree and the festive spirit it’s brought to my tiny home. And that makes my little heart sigh with happiness.



If you celebrate Christmas, do you have your tree yet? If so, is it decorated?