Us vs. You

*This isn’t exactly a short story; hopefully I can work on it a bit over the weekend. Or I’ll leave it as is because chances are something else between now and then will need more attention. 

Write a short story in 2nd person

You say that Christmas isn’t the same without us. Movies have been made that are based on our fickle nature and songs have been sung in our honour. We love showing up in the nick of time, being the heroes of the moment but so many of you complain that we over stay our welcome as soon as the holidays are over.

We drift over cities, hanging in clusters far above the cityscape. Sometimes we appear on our own and other times we swarm you poor people.

Little kids love us- we mean that they don’t have to go to school. Instead, they get to play outside. There’s no telling what will happen when we roll into town or how long we’ll stay.

Will you get the Mr. Hyde version of us or the Dr. Jekyll version? Will it be icy out for you Will we be kind to you instead? If we’re feeling particularly entertaining, you may catch us cart wheeling through the air as we free-fall, taking our time as we flutter down to coat the trees.

The trip we take is wonderful. We may only travel a few hundred miles or we may travel thousands of miles before we end up at our destination.

We don’t want to be a pain or get under foot or cause trouble. There’s nothing more we’d like than to just be delightful and entertaining but that’s not always the case.

We’re sorry. We don’t mean to cause trouble. We just can’t help it.

As much as we make life difficult, you can’t deny that it’s worth the trouble. After all, we’re only here a few months of the year. Even then, some years we hardly make an appearance.

Do you miss us when we’re absent? We miss you! We love seeing you enjoy the festive air of the season and all those snow business on the ski slopes.


We love to see kids playing outside, making their snow angels and snowmen. It makes us happy to see people out there enjoying out company. It’ cold and can be lonely for us so we love to be needed and wanted. Of course there are troublemakers out there but the majority of us just want to have company. Bundle up, come outside and enjoy the winter with us.

© Sandra O’Driscoll 2012