Life After “The Holiday”

Write the outline of the sequel to your favourite Christmas movie.

Movie: The Holiday

Starring: Cameron Diaz (CD), Kate Winslet (KW), Jude Law (JL), Jack Black (JB), Rufus Sewell (RS)

KW relocates to LA.

CD & JL have a long distance relationship and it goes well but there’s always a thin strain on them as they juggle work and JL has to balance family life. Neither of them have jobs at the moment that allow them to move.

While KW loves California, she gets progressively more homesick for England. JB proposes on the Valentines Day just over a year after they met and KW accepts. She’s done her best to leave her old life behind but a well-meaning friend gives RS her contact information. He gets in touch with KW.

JL’s children have fallen in love with CD and every time they ask for her it’s like a tiny dagger zings his heart but he sees no alternative to their arrangement at the moment. They decide to surprise CD with Christmas in LA.

Everyone spends the holiday together at KW and JB’s home for Christmas Eve and at CD’s for Christmas Day. RS tries to spoil it by calling KW- he confesses he’s made the wrong choice. KW makes it very clear he’s no longer welcome in her life, she hasn’t loved him since he showed up on her doorstep in the first movie.

While out in L.A., JL secretly goes on interviews and applies for an in-house transfer from London to New York City, San Francisco, Chicago or L.A. He says nothing to anyone but there are a few promising possibilities. Between Christmas and New Years he goes on a second interview in L.A. and accepts a job with a different publisher. Once the contract is signed he shares the news with his family on New Years Eve.

CD is thrilled and proposes they get married. The children are ecstatic about their Dad getting married and can’t wait to move to California.

© Sandra O’Driscoll 2012