Writing in the New Year


It’s been quite the year. I’m sitting here writing and thinking and finally letting the enormity of the last 12 months sink in. I’ve always been one to put my head down and trudge through things, picking my battles and letting all others fall completely to the side. It’s disappointed me to realize just how much my writing has suffered but at the same time I survived some very monumental challenges.


My life has settled into a routine and it’s established enough that I can relax a bit with the faith that 2013 will lack the upheavals 2012 threw my way. I want to get back into my writing  but with a balance of novel-length pieces and short stories. I really want to honour my goals and succeed at them. It’s been too long since I’ve actually been able to sit back on New Year’s Eve and toast all my accomplishments.


I’ve resumed my novel writing from last January; perhaps this month I’ll finally finish the book. It’s intriguing to say the least, I have a gut feeling that there is much more to the story than I’ve even begun to hint at. this is what storytelling is all about. I want to sit down to  story every morning that hooks me and keeps me thinking about where it’s going next while I’m out working or off doing other things.


As I think about where to go next with this story, I’ve been working on catching up on the Advent Calendar of Creativity. I know i’ve been really bad with this project but I’ll finish it. I have a pile of journals I bought at the airport when I returned home from Toronto on Boxing Day and I keep looking at them longingly. I want to fill them with ideas, stories, projects, bits and pieces of inspiration; I want to build an apartment that inspires creative thought and inspiration everywhere you look. I dream of having a home where guests won’t be able to help themselves. Their imagination will sparkle when they see an old telephone or their fingers will twitch with the need to pick up a piece of chalk to write on my chalkboard wall. Most of all, I want to minimize what I have to highlight what is truly important to me.


I can’t help it if my ambitions are lofty. Perhaps one of my resolutions should be to break my goals into smaller, more manageable pieces but that’s not me. I exercise every day or not at all. I eat no wheat at all or I’ll eat 20 Timbits for dinner. I’ll write a novel in a month or I won’t even open Word to start a new document. Most times I love my dichotomous personality but sometimes it’s the bane of my existence. It’s just who I am.


So, I opted to stay home, start the year off with a closet full of fresh, clean clothes, sheets and towels and write. And you know what? It was the best decision. My foot is rested, feeling better than it has months, I’ve gotten some quality writing time in, and the movie I was planning on seeing will be out in a few months to rent and watch at home.

I hope you’ve had a lovely start to your new year and I sincerely hope that 2013 will be filled with love, happiness, creativity and wonderful adventures.