What Do You Mean We’re Almost a Week Into 2013 Already?


Where is the time going? I have some resolutions hazily sketched out but they are numerous and massive. I like to think of my resolutions as a beautiful palace. Each resolution is a wing (writing, health, finances, career A, career B). On their own they could be daunting at best, crushing at worst but combined, there’s nothing to do but break them down into projects. The beauty of New Years resolutions is that I have 365 days to succeed. That’s a lot of days when life could drastically change, for better or worse, within the course of a week.


Part of my writing resolution is to attempt to maintain my short story writing so I’d like to try something I’ve called “San’s Sunday Shorts.” This Sunday has crept up on me so I’ll write my story but I was originally thinking of establishing a character and make the shorts into a series; the same idea as Sherlock Homes in the Strand Magazine. I haven’t picked a genre yet for these stories; perhaps it’ll be a mix but that’s the beauty of writing. I’ve got to let things develop and evolve; I want my writing to grow and improve organically as I learn to become a better writer.


I’m really excited about all the writing i have planned and I’m hoping that working on short stories will temper the drain of writing novels. I’ve taken New Years as a kind of reset button for my project so I’ve recommitted to it, aiming to salvage the 2nd half of year 2 of 12 novels in 12 months (am I already at the 1/2 way mark?!) and successfully complete the first half of year 3.


I have committed to a lot this year but I’m finally at the point in my career A where I trust the stability. I can finally let go of focus and energy needed in establishing myself and living on my own. Life has settled and now I can begin to work on my health, finances and writing- all vital aspects of myself that went completely haywire and ran amok in 2012. The fixes won’t happen over night but that’s to be expected. There will be plenty of challenges in 2013 but I finally feel confident that 2013 will end with me having accomplished more than I realized.

And that makes me very excited.