Hello, Monday


I both love and hate Mondays. It’s the start of the week which means lots of work (hopefully) and a healthy paycheque (Mondays of pay week are even better) but it also means that everything is open again for business and if I have to pay bills or do other grown up things there’s no escaping them. And that stinks.


I was thinking about my first post after the new year and gave pretty watery resolutions. It’s kind of like a T.V. chef giving you the ingredient list to a super-awesome chocolate cake without the measurements. What good does that do? Not much.


So, I’m taking the plunge and committing to my resolutions properly.


Health: Lose 40 lbs. but more importantly, feel and look healthy specifically improve my cardiovascular system. I want to keep this little ticker in the best shape possible. This also goes for the dog. Both of us need to do better.


Finance: Pay off 70% of my debt and save $8,000 minimum! Yikes… (Talking about heart health, all I need to do is think about this and I can feel the little thing galloping in my chest.)


Writing: Resume my 12 novels in a year project and use Jan. 1st as a kind of reset button. I want to really do it this time around. And I am honestly going to do my best to complete my novels and not miss a “San’s Sunday Short.”


Career A: I want to continue building my career and make it the strongest, most stable practice possible. It’s time I had that in my life.


Career B: This is where the savings comes in. I want to accomplish all the requirements for going back to school and getting my Masters in Library Science. I love Career A so much that I want to do something else so I can maintain my current profession much longer (as a primary career, there’s a high burnout rate).


So, there’s a lot I need to do through the year to see these ambitions to fruition but it’s possible. I just can’t wait until January’s over and the bits and pieces from 2012 that are lingering have been resolved and I can move on and enjoy a life that is less stressful and boring but in a really good way.

So here’s to 2013 and all the people I will meet who will help me succeed and provide the support I need in ways I may not anticipate. I hope I can return the favour. Thank you!