Left Foot’s Literary Achilles Heel

I’ve come to realize that I’ve forgotten how to write short stories. How has this happened? I used to be the queen of short stories, whipping them up with the ease a master chef might make a soufflé. But this is absolutely not the case anymore.

Perhaps I jumped into my Sunday Shorts too soon (Sunday Shorts. Hee hee. Every time I use the phrase I envision myself in a pair of basketball shorts decorated as a calendar. So unattractive, where do I begin? Aaaaanyways…)  and I haven’t properly sketched out the game plan, genre, style and rounded out my characters. Would it be bad to play around with the tense in the stories? I do like 3rd person so I’ll keep that but present tense just seems awkward and cumbersome. It’s really hard to work in since I’m so used to writing in past tense.

Who am I kidding?! Tenses and all that grammatical tomfoolery is my literary Achilles heel. 

I really need to sit down and go back to the very basics of the English language. What tenses do we have? What is the verb conjugation for these tenses? What are the roles of the different categories of words (adjectives, adverbs, other ones I’ve completely forgotten about)? I feel dumb. How can I expect to improve my technical skills if I’ve forgotten about the basics?

I’ve been working on my novel but I really want to start my short story so I have one finished, edited and polished (to some degree) for Sunday. I’d love for it to be a real short story but I’m confused as to how to do it and frankly that scares me. How much more have I forgotten? Yikes!

The important thing is that I’m back writing and in my creative space. If it takes me all year to get back into writing short stories then that’s what I’ll do. I won’t blame you if you don’t want to read the Sunday Shorts *laughing*. If you do, thank you from the bottom of my Seven Year Pen.